From prospect to client – let’s think differently

Posted by Dan Corpe

At Corpe Consulting we’re powered by the Brand Bucket® marketing methodology which was first conceived in 1985 and has been continually evolved ever since, with the core 6 step engagement has remaining the same. We use a very different terminology and psychology to refer to the people we work with, our customers/clients. Let’s think about what we call a client before we working with them, a prospect.

When we’re trying to win a new relationship it’s like courting a new girlfriend or boyfriend, you roll out the red carpet and treat them like celebrities. A problem then occurs when the prospect engages with our services because we call them customers or clients and our psychology/mindset changes. We have their custom and whether we mean to or not we can take them for granted.

Now there is another problem at hand and that is how our customers are seen to others in our industry? That’s right, prospects! So with the Brand Bucket® methodology when a prospect engages with our services we should refer to them as ‘Paying Prospects’. This way we can’t help but continue to treat them as celebrities!

We are continually reminded every time we refer to them as a Paying Prospect that they are paying us and they can leave us everyday. So we have to make sure that we keep them excited everyday. Whether this is through an email sharing insight, picking up the phone to see how things are going or doing something extra on top for them, make them feel special.

This way your Paying Prospects know how much you value them and this will foster a long term relationship. You should continue to give them that celebrity service. All of this is completely in your gift to do and it’s just a mindset that produces happy relationships!