Don’t give up at the top of the triangle – find a greater pool of prospects

Posted by Dan Corpe

At Corpe Consulting we don’t just look for the quick wins the first 3% sitting at the top of the triangle! We recommend you take time to build relationships that last longer.

Now these relationships should mean more to you, you don’t just want the initial sale you want a long term partnership with these companies.

Most people are looking to generate business from the top 3% of the demand triangle who are ready to purchase now….can you imagine how crowded that pond is, never mind the cost per acquisition.

If you nurture the opportunities further down the triangle you get a chance to sell to a whooping 67% more of the market. These people are most probably using your competitors service, they might not be even looking now. Nurturing these leads is the way to break out and increase your sales pipeline.

Demand Generation Chet Holmes