Cold Calling is Dead!

Posted by Dan Corpe

We believe that cold calling is dead! If you think that you can pick up the phone and sell something to someone with out know anything about them, you’re living in the past.

However a recent LinkedIn survey of over 1000 MD’s and CEO’s recorded that 70% of them attended an event or a meeting due to an ‘unexpected call’. So what the difference? An unexpected is where you have taken the time to thoroughly research the prospect you’d like to do business with. Where you’ve also found out what it is that resonates with you about their brand and how you will be able to benefit them.

You’ll stand and from the crowd of calls and emails when you can share insight about them and what you love about what they do. We all know nothing in life is free, so take the time to look them up and put some work into your call preparation. Then make sure the follow email is equally as personal and demonstrates that you’ve taken the time to find out about them.

The key is to be remembered for the right reasons and this always makes the right impact.

Happy calling!