Collaborative Immersion

  • Before we sell you we really want get to know you
  • We collaborate with you to create you a value proposition using the Brand Bucket® methodology and its proven workshop process. So we can articulate your business in the right way, selling on value and not on price
  • We will bring out the foundation stones of your brand using the Brand Galvaniser® and the Four B’s: Behaviour – Your behavioural style Benefits – Turn your features into benefits through mini-stories Belief – What you’d like people to say about you , what they believe about you after working with you Be – A statement of intent, what you want to be. Your differentiating core, a summary of the three previous B’s
  • Understand & find your perfect prospect, psychographically
  • With the ‘value focused’ language from the value proposition workshop, create the structure for an intro deck and an email template
  • Create a bespoke call guide, with hooks and openers, understand your industry specific jargon, ensuring the most confident calls can be made from the off


Relationship Building & Appointment Making

  • A modern approach to contacting the businesses you want to work with, through ‘unexpected calls’. Made from specific data and only after thorough research of the prospects you’ve chosen
  • Followed up with bespoke, personal and invited emails, we will open the doors to new businesses for you
  • Our proven methodology, uses a 4 step engagement model which results in your prospects remembering your company above others
  • Our robust follow up process is built across the week, so that leads can be contacted outside of the main sessions


Event Attending

  • Preparation – we’ll choose and understand the event, research, filter and select companies you’d like to work with
  • Create a ‘conversation guide’ to capture the businesses benefit focused language from the created the Collaborative Immersion
  • Create the structure for an intro deck to take to the event – So attendees will be fully equipped
  • Attend network events in your company’s name, to find prospects
  • Attend exhibitions for the sectors you want to do business with, to find prospects
  • Carry out a strategic approach at event, target is to engage with all selected companies
  • Follow up leads; email, phone calls, company LinkedIn, pre-meeting meet up, another event
  • Small sessions per week, for the next 8 weeks spent on follow up activity to deliver appointments