The team

- Who We Are -

Our Culture & Values

Honesty, Integrity and loyalty is at the heart of Corpe Consulting. This is a cornerstone of our values and is key to how we communicate internally and with the people we work with. Our organisation is a wonderful place to work and we work in collaboration with our clients because we build Relationships that are strong and long lasting. We are distinctly Ambitious as an organisation and work with ambitious clients. We are Driven to deliver outstanding results for our business and the awesome people we work with.

We are often referred to as disruptive and are continually looking for ways to improve the Corpe Consulting Methodology to benefit our clients. We are seen as Value Creators for our clients and are obsessively positive in everything we do. We love what we do, we operate with high energy, we are excited each day and think that everyday is a school day. We are not for everyone! We love to work with people who share a similar value set, as we know we will be able to work with them creatively, unencumbered and deliver amazing results.

We believe in a workplace where people feel safe and supported, allowing colleagues the opportunity to excel both professionally and personally. Our aim is for every colleague to be; Mentored, Challenged, Promoted, Involved, Appreciated, Valued, On a Mission, Empowered, Trusted, Paid Well and we continually check in with our colleagues to make sure they feel this way. Our colleagues are the most important people in our business and because we have the most engaged people they deliver amazing results for our clients.