About us

- really get to know us -

Why We Do What We Do

We think it’s shocking that 50% of businesses have failed within three years and 81% failed by year 6. This failure is not always down to a bad idea or bad execution. A very high percentage is down to lack of sales and focus on selling. It doesn’t have to be like this…

We believe more businesses should be able to achieve success and in giving them a true value proposition and a robust selling operation they will be far better placed to realise this!

What Can We Do For You

Build relationships based on value, not on price. Find prospects you want to work with. Provide a quality pipeline of prospects and appointments you can rely on. A marketing & selling team that’s part of the fabric of your business.

How Do We Achieve This For You

We get to know your brand through our Collaborative Immersion. Build with you a true Value Proposition. We find you the right Prospects. We build relationships with them through a proven process


The team have run or been part of a mixture of businesses and delivered regional roles in different areas of the UK, this means they have a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw on. Combine this with the backing of The Brand Bucket® methodology www.BarnabyWynter.com, Corpe Consulting will create value and add value to your business.

They all believe understanding what a Brand really is and how to best articulate this is fundamental to the success of your business. With the Brand Bucket® methodology within the core of everything we do, together we’ll get ‘under the skin’ of your business to unravel the true value and benefit of working with you.

We take you through our ‘Collaborative Immersion’ days to deliver all this. Then we will be in the best position to help your Prospects really understand what it is you do for them and they WILL want to meet you.

Find out more about all the team on The Team page.


So what does that mean for you? Let’s ask Director & Co-Founder Dan:

“It has been my experience that many SMEs will get busy with projects and the ‘selling’ process gets neglected. Panic then ensues as the project finishes and it’s time to get the next one landed. Meaning a ‘feast to famine’ approach to sales”

“We can all agree that finding and reaching out to Prospects is hard work. Whether you’re networking or making phone calls, it takes hard work and a particular approach to achieve success. The great news, we have a proven process to deliver you qualified appointments, with the people you want to work with, which lead to long term relationships. We are also all absolutely determined and tenacious and go much further than most to build  relationships for you, we play the long game!”

“We take the time to really ‘Make Friends’ with the people in your Prospects businesses. Build fantastic relationships, so they are guaranteed to remember our call, in fact they become ‘brand ambassadors’ for your business, often referring us to the decision maker. We believe in building a pipeline of appointments because we can create a need and not just try and find one. We are also driven to make relationships for the future”